Happy family picture at The Blake in Pensacola, Florida
Happy residents playing at The Blake in Pensacola, Florida
Residents playing Jenga blocks at The Blake in Pensacola, Florida
Smiling resident having a haircut at The Blake in Pensacola, Florida

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Painting residents at The Blake in Pensacola, Florida
Residents sitting outside having a meal together at a The Blake community

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Resident playing a game of chess at a The Blake community
Resident playing with a younger family member at a The Blake community

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Read article You Are Never Too Young or Too Old To Learn Something New

You Are Never Too Young or Too Old To Learn Something New

At The Blake, fun and new learning are at the heart of our resident engagement programs.  Our commitment to lifelong learning starts with even the youngest family members in our communities through intergenerational programs and events that are exciting for multiple generations.

Guest Speakers, offsite trips to new cultural experiences, opportunities to try new foods that fit our monthly theme,  history lessons, and learning new skills are just a few of the ways that our amazing activities directors bring joy to our communities through new learning.

Did you know that every time you learn something new, your brain develops new pathways between your neurons? This helps prevent memory loss and keep our brains sharp.

Learning something new gives new learners at all ages a sense of accomplishment, opportunities to share with and learn from others.  Best yet?  Those with a thirst for learning are never without an interesting story!

Do you remember the first time you discovered how to read? How to cook, sew, or tinker under the hood of a car? Each newly acquired skill opens up a world of new learning opportunities and leads to the progression of other new and fascinating things to discover and explore

Many residents at The Blake never thought they’d enjoy a particular hobby but are finding new hidden talents they didn’t even know they had! Between cooking classes, new art forms, fitness opportunities like yoga and tai chi, residents are often exposed to new ideas at The Blake for the first time.

No matter your age it’s never too early or late to learn a new skill or take on a new hobby. Don’t know where to start? The possibilities are endless:

  • Painting or drawing
  • A musical instrument
  • Another language
  • Writing
  • Dancing
  • Photography
  • Genealogy

There is so much to explore and learn about. With not just in-person learning, but also all forms of media, such as books, magazines, videos, and technology to teach us, we have the opportunity to witness nature up close, visit far off places, tour museums and learn about new delicious foods, just to name a few.

Learning not only brings a newfound sense of wonder and joy to life but also can connect you to others who also enjoy the same things as you do. These connections can make for lasting friendships, opportunities for personal growth, and discoveries of new passions.

If you are interested in exploring new learning opportunities and what The Blake has to offer, find your location, and schedule a tour today!

Dining room  with large windows and a centerpiece fireplace at a The Blake community

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