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6 Important Questions to Ask About Senior Living


Are you or a loved one considering a move from home to an assisted living environment? When it’s no longer possible to live day-to-day without a helping hand, it may be time to take a closer look at assisted living options. But how can you find the perfect fit? 

Transitioning to assisted living is a big deal, and there are several things to consider. Here’s a brief overview of what assisted living is, as well as some of the most important questions to ask as you explore making the transition.

What is assisted living?

Assisted living is designed to provide personalized care for adults living in a community environment. When seniors require a helping hand or additional support carrying out everyday activities, assisted living can make life much easier and much more comfortable—all while providing opportunities for social interaction and healthy living.  

Some common ways assisted living environments support the everyday lives of residents include:

  • Assistance using the bathroom

  • Dressing and grooming

  • Housekeeping

  • Laundry

  • Meals

  • Medication management

  • Transportation

Senior living communities also typically provide many opportunities for social engagement and special programs to promote a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle for each resident. Before entering assisted living, you or your loved one may be given a personalized service plan that addresses specific needs. 

Making the transition to assisted living is a big change, and touring potential communities is the first step of the journey. It allows you and/or your loved one to meet the staff, observe residents, see amenities, and get an overall feel for the community. 

Don’t hesitate to ask lots of questions, so you’ll feel confident when it’s time to make your decision. Speaking of questions, here are some important ones to ask during your visit:

1. How does the community welcome new residents?

The first few days and weeks in a new community set the tone for how you or your aging loved one adjusts to the new environment. You need a community with a dedicated team who gets to know their new residents and makes them feel welcome. Ask questions about what type of engagement you can expect and how much time team spends with newcomers in their first few weeks at their new home.

2. Do you have 24/7 staff?

A quality senior living environment has around-the-clock teams ready to address every resident’s needs. While most communities have teams that work both day and night, it’s a smart idea to ask what type of personnel are available 24/7, including questions about medication management, nursing, and more. Feel free to ask about how many staff the community employs across all sectors, so you can get a feel for the staff’s capabilities.

3. What kind of meal service is offered?

When looking for a senior living community, make sure to choose one that has a variety of meal and dining options available. Discuss menus, meal planning, and whether different meal styles are available, such as family-style or restaurant-style dining.

4. What activities are offered?

One of the major perks of living in a senior living community is the endless opportunities for social engagement and activity. Ask your guide about the common activities the community offers and whether the staff consults with residents about future activities. Make sure the staff is actively engaging the residents’ interests, from physical to social and even spiritual. Look for a wide range of activities on a community’s calendar that offers a variety of opportunities to promote a full, purposeful life.

5. What training do you require of your team?

Staff training is perhaps the biggest contributor to a great quality of life for residents in a senior living community. After all, you want what’s best for you or your loved one, so you need to know how well-equipped the staff is to care for your needs. Look for a well-educated, certified, and experienced staff and discuss compliance regulations and whole-person care with your guide. 

6. What role does the family play?

The best senior living communities try to integrate family as much as possible in the day-to-day lives of their residents. Look for a community that encourages frequent visits, volunteer opportunities, and shared participation in social programs and activities. 

Experience unmatched quality of assisted living

Choosing a senior living facility—whether for yourself or for a loved one—can seem challenging. While there are many excellent options available, The Blake stands out from the rest. 

Our commitment to an exceptional quality of life for each resident—one that makes family and social connections a top priority—sets us apart. Reach out to our helpful team to schedule a tour today!


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